Marina Borodavkina

Born 1987, Moscow (Russia)
Lives and works in Lisbon (Portugal)​



I have always been inspired by books about painters like “The Moon and Sixpence” by W.S. Maugham or “Lust for Life” by Irving Stone. Books about people who had an irresistible desire to create, to absorb the colours of the world around them, rethink these colours and throw them back on canvas. Whatever the circumstances were, these true painters would always follow their passion until the end.


I took my original degree in Finance but over time got more and more focused on Painting turning it from an occasional hobby into a main occupation. Nowadays this is my driving force and my ultimate sense in life.


I successfully participated in several art competitions in Moscow during 2014-2016, being awarded “best artist” in nominations such as “portray” and “landscape”:

  • Russian Art Week. 2014, The New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
  • Russian Art Week. 2015, Artplay, Moscow
  • Detali. 2016, Detali Studio, Moscow






Since 2015 I am an elected member of the Russian “Union of Creative Artists” (Творческий союз художников России).


2016 was a big change as I decided to shake the routine by moving over to live in Portugal. Spent 2 years on the Azores islands painting just for myself, exploring different techniques and generally forming my approach to modern art, exhibitions etc.


I have learned that my favourite artists are JM. Basquiat, Francis Bacon and Henri Matisse.

I have learned that I get a lot of inspiration from travelling, from discovering new places and new people, from seeing the different colours that surround us. Back in studio I just need to “capture” these emotions by putting them on canvas or walls.

I have learned that I like to mix different paints, use different instruments and surfaces in order to convey my emotions.

I have learned that it is the painting itself that leads me and not the opposite. And it doesn’t “let me go” until I am emotionally drained out. And even after. Its like an obsession.